Training Trip with Dad

You all may be wondering what the kids and I do while Cody goes on training trips. Usually we stay in Nairobi, but we were able to join him for part of a trip last October in Kajiado County where most of the pastors are Maasai.

This was part of the bumpy drive. We saw giraffes, wildebeest, ostriches, and some type of antelope on the way there!

The Maasai people are herdsmen. This was a flock of sheep that came by.

The termite mounds were impressively large! I’ll give you a guess as to what the boys were doing with those rocks. 🙂

Charlotte sweeping with a local broom.

Thankfully, we can school wherever we are. These kids are troopers.

Survival mode.

We slept in our tent for the night. I don’t know how many of us would have slept in the open room with the giant spiders.

We were gifted with beautiful handmade jewelry. Charlotte is wearing a necklace she was given.

The kids say that the Maasai chai is the best. I say the Maasai singing is pretty special too.

See you next time!

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