One Month on the Field

Today marks one month since we touched down in Nairobi. That sentence is hard to believe. In one sense, the month has been a movie locked on fast forward. In another sense, it feels like much longer ago that we checked 22 bags and started our marathon trip to the other side of the world—a … Continue reading One Month on the Field

This Day in Missions History: Lottie Moon is Commissioned

On July 7, 1873, the Foreign Mission Board appointed Charlotte Digges Moon—better known as Lottie—as a missionary to China. Moon, who was reportedly one of the first women in the South to receive a master's degree, would go on to serve faithfully until she died on Christmas Eve in 1912. Though Lottie stood only about … Continue reading This Day in Missions History: Lottie Moon is Commissioned

Why Kenya?

As some of you know, Margaret and I took quite a while to decide where in Africa the Lord was leading us to serve. If you would have asked me a year ago, Kenya wasn't even on the list. So how did we end up deciding on Kenya as our landing spot? I want to … Continue reading Why Kenya?